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Created Over 2,500 Dog Portrait Paintings 


The know-how you need.

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Clive Hemsley - Founder & Creator of 'The Dog Portrait Artist'.

"I have spent most of my working life as a Creative Art Director for advertising agencies.  As I reached retirement age, I thought my love for traditional materials, techniques and being such a dog lover, is a great combination for capturing and cherishing moments and memories."


                                  CLIVE HEMSLEY,   THE DOG PORTRAIT ARTIST 


"Greys Meadow Studio"

With today’s modern materials and techniques. I definitely try and use and experiment all mixed media on all my originals including, oils- acrylics-inks-pastels-charcoal and the use of traditional air brush, even woman's make-up and boot polish, this combination shows off the best of a composition and creates finished art  with that “wow” factor, and now with modern resins, one can create a composition on top of a composition so hopefully a possible future investment for you.

Being able to visualise is a useful talent combine that with mixed media using perspective, depth of field – composition, textures , colours and a great theme- all adds up to a very pleasing feeling which i hope comes over as something you might want to live with.  I always remember, I am only as good as my last painting.

My background is very unexciting, I left school at 15 and went to Art College in Taunton, Somerset.  Because of my dyslexia, I left with zero qualifications after 7 years.  However, in those days you could get a job without any qualifications and I have spent the rest of my working life in the creative world.  I first started an advertising and PR agency in Henley in 1984 and any success I might have had, is all down to employing better creative people that make ideas happen.

One thing I would like to say about paintings and creating artworks – there are great artists and there are great designers.  Combining the two, with both skill-set is not that common and a skill which I hope I have gained over time whilst  combining that “Wow factor painting” that makes the true difference between a piece of art and a well presented “Master Piece”.

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